Our Mission

Our products must always challenge the norm. We want to offer products that are un-apologetically bold at the best price for you. The bar is set high but we’re a tenacious group.

There’s a cohesiveness offered with our products. We’re the mavericks, the ones who have always stood out from the crowd. Our goal is for Apollo’s Palace to become associated with being unique, bold and powerful as we continue to grow.

Everyone has a memory of what it’s like to meet a kindred spirit. To talk and bond with someone and realize that they just “get it.” Our aim is to provide a community of like minded ambitious individuals who strive for more.

The gear is only as impactful as the wearer. While we do guarantee confidence it’s up to you to create the legend of your story. Our last goal is to inspire you to incite change and eventually inspire others.


Dare to be different now with the Osiris.