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Our Story

Our Story

Designed for the bold. Worn by the confident.
Our founders searched for an affordable watch that could symbolize their maverick spirit. A watch for those who took risks, lived life on the edge and were unapologetically themselves.

After searching to no avail they decided to create one.

The Osiris watch is for those who dare to be different. For the future movers and shakers of the world who refuse to be tamed.

As natives of the DC metropolitan area we’ve incorporated some of the natural cool associated with the local area with a hint of cockiness. With a beautiful attention to detail, late night’s and loads of takeout we’ve aimed to create a product that’s memorable yet speaks volumes.

As a startup we’re determined to not only shake up the industry but help our wearers shake up the mundaneness of everyday life with a powerful statement.

Our company mantra is Dare to be Different for a reason. We know the odds as a startup yet believe not only can we compete with the top dogs… we can outperform them. We’re excited to have you join us on this journey, growing pains and all.

We promise that everything about the Osiris experience - from the products, stories, experiences, shipping times, etc. — is going to only get better as we grow and initial customers will be rewarded profusely down the road.

The road ahead is unpaved but open, and we can’t wait to share the journey with you.