Our Story

Our Story

Designed for those that do. Gear for the Mavericks.
Our founders searched for a lifestyle brand that showcased their maverick spirit. 

They wanted to wear comfortable yet breathable clothing that would fit in with their lifestyle. Whether they were showing up for a morning surf, rock climbing with friends or dirt biking in the desert they needed gear that would fit their ideals and made a statement.

Gear designed for those determined to change the world.

Gear for those who felt alive competing against the best. 

Gear for those with the guts to inspire those who followed the trail they blazed. 

This was gear designed for those who still had the heart of an explorer and the tenacity to do after what they wanted.

Apollo's Palace brand is for those who dare to be different.

For those who refuse to bend to the status quo. For those who still wake up everyday with life flowing through their veins.

As members of the surf, aviation and moto community we noticed a trend between the friends and family we horsed around, raged and even competed with. These were people who always kept their cool, were confident in their manner and knew how to handle a situation should a problem arise.

We incorporated some of the natural cool associated with our communities into each design on a breathable yet durable tee that has a modern streetwear cut.

In short we make the tees your future groms are going to steal out of your closet once their old enough to confidently out style their own peers.

Our company mantra is Maverick's Never Die for a reason. The bold live forever, cowards die a million times before their death. We’re excited to have you join us on this journey, growing pains and all.

We promise that everything about the Apollo's Palace experience - from the products, stories, experiences, shipping times, etc. — is going to only get better as we grow and initial customers will be rewarded profusely down the road.

The road ahead is unpaved but open, and we can’t wait to share the journey with you.

See you at pier 22!

- Apollo's Palace