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Wanderlust Tattoo Oil

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You’ve felt it. The call of the wild. The unspoken promise of new experiences and adventure. The Wanderlust Tattoo Oil was hand made for the Mavericks. For those who stand out in a crowd. Wear your art with pride while keeping it protected and fresh with a stunning new oil made from natural ingredients.
Made of completely 100% natural oils, our product soaks into the tattoo upon application. After our oils settle within the colors and they activate to make them deeper and more vibrant. With long term care your tattoos will not only look fresher and be well moisturized but they will also fade less.
The oils will help to improve the condition of your skin (and therefore tattoo) over the course of several weeks of continuous application. The way that the oils react with the colors of the ink will help to ensure that you see a noticeable improvement in the vibrancy of your tattoos almost immediately.
Wanderlust oil will keep the ink in as best condition as possible – and may even be able to bring back to life an older, less well-aged tattoo so that it can carry on looking fresher and more vibrant for a few extra years… or decades.
How to use:  
Application - Apply daily to tattoos after showering. Use 1-2 drops then pat gently into the skin until absorbed